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We decided to re-invent the wheel and help make picking your supplements a breeze! After spending years as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist, we learned very quickly that many are just “snake oil” products on the market. Our mission is to promote the quality companies so no one wastes their money and time just to be let down and not get the results they aspired to have.  Instead the owners of Pick My Supplements have done all the research to help pair you with the few supplements that are actually worth your money and will give you the results you want.

Why we are different

We are looking to streamline the process of picking supplements, and make it less of a hassle to have to do research on your own, your time is valuable, don’t waste it on endless research, let us do that for you! 

We have years of fitness training experience and have helped many, let us help you next!

Super Efficient

We have streamlined our quiz to make it 12 simple questions, making it quicker for you, the end user!

Deeply Commited

After personally being scammed by "snake oil" products we have fully committed our selfs to helping others find the best products.


We are experience and knowledgeable in the fitness field, including being an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and ISSA Certified in Sports Nutrition

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Time after time we hear “this is the perfect supplement” or “this is made of only the highest quality”, but the reality is there is no best supplement for everyone and only a select few supplements are actually made of the highest quality.  Not only is each person different, but so is everyone’s goals.  Obviously the perfect supplement for a man to gain weight is not the same as the best for a female to lose weight.  After working with doctors, years of competing in physique sports, and coaching thousands to the body they have always wanted, we have developed the perfect quiz to match you with the supplements needed to obtain your goals.

No! We use affiliate marketing so it costs our loyal customers absolutely nothing! We are paid a percentage from the various websites we recommend.

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

ISSA Specialists in Sports Nutrition

NPC National Qualifier

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